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‘All Black Everything’ Brent Black by Darren Black for Type/Face

May 1, 2014 by Dorian Gray

Brent Black--TypeFace-Darren Black-01


Model Brent Black has been shot by fashion photographer Darren Black in an editorial titled ‘All Black Everything’ for issue 3 of Gabe Ayala’s TYPE/FACE magazine, with styling by a+c:studio and grooming by John Christopher. Whoever said black on black is too much black, is obviously a bit of an idiot. This shoot is not only stunning but is suggestive on so many levels. Not to mention it really glorifies the beauty that can be found in some of the more kinkier fetishes. Check out more of the marvellous shoot below

Brent Black--TypeFace-Darren Black-03

Brent Black--TypeFace-Darren Black-04

Brent Black--TypeFace-Darren Black-10

Brent Black--TypeFace-Darren Black-20

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-05

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-06

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-08

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-11

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-12

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-14

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-15

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-16

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-17

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-19

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-23

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-24

Brent Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-25

Brent-Black-TypeFace-Darren Black-02

BrentBlack-TypeFace-Darren Black-07

BrentBlack-TypeFace-Darren Black-09

BrentBlack-TypeFace-Darren Black-13

BrentBlack-TypeFace-Darren Black-18

BrentBlack-TypeFace-Darren Black-21

BrentBlack-TypeFace-Darren Black-22

Be sure to check out more of Darren Black’s photography by clicking HERE!

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