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Marlon Teixeira by Domenico Cennamo shirtless 3

Marlon Teixeira does Forget Them magazine.

May 1, 2012 by Dorian Gray

The stunning Brazilian Marlon Teixeira was photographed by Domenico Cennamo for Forget Them magazine.

Name: Marlon.
Surname: Teixeira.
Agency: Fashion.
Age: 20. Height: 187 cm.
Place of origin: South Brazil, Balneario Camboriu.
Star sign: Virgo.
Favourite things: Surfing, beach and kissing.
Favourite music: MGMT, Empire of the Sun, Z-Ro.
Hobbies: Surfing.
Favourite piece of clothing: Jacket.
Favourite artist: Andy Irons.
Place you would love to visit: Indonesia.
Favourite book: Love letters from a prophet.
Favourite film: Warrior.
Favourite model: Darya.
Favourite food: Pasta.
Other occupations (instead of modelling): Cooking.
Who is your favourite designer? Osklen.
Are you single? With my mother ahahah, single!
What is your favourite part of the body? Hair.

You really can’t beat a sexy Brazilian model!!!


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